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Quantemol-DB: Reaction Data Contributors

Maria Tudorovskaya

Quantemol Ltd.

MSc, 2008: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (2008), applied mathematics in physics (elementary processes in glow discharge) PhD, 2015: Leibniz University Hannover, natural sciences (laser-atom interaction). Current role at Quantemol: Scientific consultant (cross-section calculations)

Contributed Data
D18494: e- + CH2F2 → e- + CH2F2
D18495: e- + CH2F2 → e- + e- + Σ{CH2F2+}

Dhanoj Gupta

Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Electron impact scattering and ionization of atoms and molecules have been studied in my Ph. D thesis whose main objective was to extend and develop the spherical complex optical potential (SCOP) formalism and complex scattering potential-ionization contribution (CSP-ic) methods to the calculation of elastic and inelastic cross sections for electron-induced collisions on molecules of environmental and biological relevance. In my postdoctoral studies at South Korea, I have been involved in the calculation of various cross section for fluorocarbons and plasma relevant molecules along with the basic understanding of the scattering mechanism, which are of immense importance to the plasma community. Presently in the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, I am involved in the study of ion trapping using the electrostatic ion beam trap (EIBT). At present I am involved in the experimental investigation of cooling with a single beam using an existing EIBT and in parallel the ion-ion interaction will be added to the simulation. It is expected that the ion-ion interaction will give us more insight in the process of cooling that is the current subject of my investigation.

Contributed Data
D18496: e- + BeH2 → e- + BeH2
D18497: e- + BeH2 → e- + BeH2
D18498: e- + BeH2 → H- + BeH
D18499: e- + BeH2 → e- + BeH2
D18500: e- + BeH2 → e- + BeH2 J=2
D18501: e- + BeH2 → e- + BeH2 J=4
D18502: e- + BeH2 → e- + BeH2 3Πg
D18503: e- + BeH2 → e- + BeH2 1Πg
D18505: e- + BeH2 → e- + BeH2 3Πu
D18506: e- + BeH2 → e- + BeH2 3Σ+u
D18507: e- + BeH2 → e- + BeH2 1Πu
D18508: e- + NH → e- + NH a(1Δ)
D18509: e- + NH → e- + NH b(1Σ+)
D18510: e- + NH → e- + NH A(3Π)
D18512: e- + NH → e- + H + N
D18513: e- + NH → e- + NH
D18514: e- + NH → e- + NH J=1
D18515: e- + NH → e- + NH J=2
D18516: e- + NH → e- + NH J=3
D18517: e- + NH → e- + NH J=4
D18518: e- + NH → e- + NH [v=1]
D18519: e- + NH → e- + NH J=5