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Gold & Platinum

Did you know we also have Gold membership?

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  • Access to pre-assembled and validated chemistry sets (42 sets available here)
  • Flexible formats for downloads compatible with COMSOL, STAR CCM+, CHEMKIN, HPEM, VizGlow. You can download unlimited individual reactions, 20 complete chemistry sets and 20 dynamic chemistry sets a month. The allowance is renewed every month.
  • Plasma Expert Customer support helping to tailor our chemistry sets to your plasma model
  • Help in assembling your own chemistry set
  • Ability to leave feedback on the data and read feedback from the other users
  • Access to an API for Q-VT software
  • Access to Dynamic Chemistry Generator download function
  • Access to surface chemistry data

Coming soon:

  • Extended library of surface chemistry data
  • Additional cross-sections data calculated with Quantemol-EC software
  • A compiled list of references for the data you downloaded easy to add to your publication draft
  • Cloud-based 0D model to check your chemistries
  • On the fly optimisation of the chemistry, reducing the set of reactions from hundreds to dozens (we already can provide consultancy on this)

Platinum Membership

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  • Includes calculations of cross sections for up to 6 molecules/ions within the membership 1-year term. Your team is able to reach out to us at the time needed and request the data, without having to go through the rigmarole of approving funding every time.

  • Cross sections included* in the deal are:

    • Elastic cross-sections
    • Electronic excitation cross-sections
    • Super-elastic cross-sections
    • Quenching cross-sections
    • Electron impact dissociation
    • Estimate dissociative electron attachment
    • Momentum transfer cross-sections
    • Electron impact ionisation at all energies
    • Rotational excitation cross-sections
    • Vibrational cross sections for diatomic molecules (N2, FO, CF etc)
    • Estimate branching ratio for electron impact ionisation and dissociation
    • Cross sections for a molecule with up to 30 atoms (preferably lighter then Ar)
    • Larger than 30 atoms molecule cross sections for selected processes: •Dissociative Attachment •Elastic cross sections
      •Electronic Excitation to the first excited state •Ionisation
  • We will deliver the data as soon as possible with a comprehensive report about the calculations and in any format you require

Price is £15 000. FYI each molecule consultancy of a kind on average costs £5000, hence RRP £30,000.

All Gold membership benefits are included.

A specifically designed package can be designed for your requirements, talk to us on

Tel: +44 208 133 51 03

E-mail: sales@quantemol.com

*Calculations choice will be at the discretion of Quantemol, i.e. if there are specific cases where no reasonable calculations are possible the member will be informed and justification provided. We will make our best efforts to deliver for all of the requests.