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Dr Christian Hill

Christian is a physicist and physical chemist, specialising in spectroscopy and the representation and communication of data in the physical sciences. He developed the infrastructure and database schema for the Quantemol database (Quantemol-DB). This online application provides a platform for users to upload, compare and validate quantitative data on plasma collisional processes and exposes an API for its automated retrieval in a range of formats suitable for use in modelling software. Additionally, Christian has implemented XML schema, QML, expanding of the Quantemol-DB data model to include a characterization of the surface (substrate) composition and structure as well as the description of the behaviour of individual adsorbed species (desorption energy, diffusion energy, etc.).

Dr Ade Ayilaran

Ade is a plasma physicist. His specialities are plasma discharge and surface diagnostics, and the fabrication of nanoscale features using novel methods. Ade has contributed to the Quantemol Database (QDB) by providing chemistry set validation cited with experimental data. Additionally, he proposed a method of complex chemistry reduction via the combined use of 0D modelling and chemical stoichiometry.